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About us

The Scooter Center

Since 1992

The SCOOTER CENTER is your one-stop scooter shop since 1992. Our aim is to provide a service run by scooterists for scooterists. Never say never again.

Our online shop is the easiest and fastest way to order 24/7. In general, an order within Germany is delivered within 48 hours.

The online shop provides you with all necessary information about all articles. Detailed article texts and pictures will help you to make your choice. Installation instructions, manuals, documents and performance reports are supporting the harmonious overall picture.

From Scooterists for Scooterists PURE SCOOTERING

We all drive scooters with passion and we have gained experience the hard way. That’s why we can help in all questions related to our beloved scooters.

The tuning, spare parts and accessories market is huge and is growing steadily. Whether you have questions regarding engine tuning, tuning of chassis, electrical system or the selection of suitable accessories, we are happy to assist you with our knowledge.

We are happy to recommend reliable setups that will meet your request. There is a difference if the engine is designed for speeding in the inner city or long distance trips or for a series of races such as the ESC.

Scooter Center Store Cologne

Visit us in Bergheim near Cologne. Map.

P4 Dyno

We use one P4 dynamometer, it is installed in our workshop.

Originally the dyno was used for internal product testing. Meanwhile, we also offer you several services. From a simple performance chart for a single MOT entry up to base adjustments of your carburetor etc. can be offered at our store in Bergheim-Glessen. If interested, just send us an email to: