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Payment Methods

We offer the following methods of payment in our online shop:

- PayPal

- Credit Card

- Cash on delivery

- Advance payment



Immediate dispatch of the goods, the money will be deducted from your PayPal account at the same time

When purchasing via PayPal the invoice amount will be debited directly from your Paypal account if sufficient funds are available, otherwise PayPal will use on of your stored payment options (debit, credit card, etc.) and charge them accordingly.

 Credit card

Immediate dispatch of the goods while the money will be deducted from your credit card.

When purchasing by credit card your card will be charged by our partner Safer pay. We remain of course responsible for overall customer requests (e.g. a commodity, delivery, dispatch), returns, complaints, returns and submissions of withdrawal or credit.

Card verification code
You will find the card verifivation code on the front (Amex) or back (Visa, Mastercard) of your credit card.

 Cash on delivery*

Immediate dispatch of the goods, pay at the door / post office

When shipping via cash on delivery, the amount is directly transferred to the delivery man.

Please note that when the COD shipping is done by DHL a payment fee of  2 Euros has to be added. This fee is used by DHL to transfer the money into our account.

UPS does not require this amount.

If a COD shipment is not accepted, we reserve the right to charge the costs incurred by us in a subsequent order.
* Only for shipments within Germany.


 Advance Payment

Delivery of the goods will be dispatched only after receipt of money in our account.

Upon receipt of the order you will receive an email with all necessary data for a transfer.

Depending on the bank, it will vary until the money is credited to us (if necessary please check it with your bank accordingly!).