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Environmental regulations

The following information is aimed at those who use batteries or products with built-in batteries and do not resell any more (end users):


Free return of waste batteries

Batteries must not be disposed with household waste. You are legally obliged to return used batteries to ensure proper disposal. You can dispose waste batteries at a local collection point or in the local businesses. Also, we are committed as a distributor of batteries to take back used batteries, which are limited to our obligation to take back used batteries which we sell as new batteries in our product range or have done. Aforementioned type of batteries can be delivered directly to our warehouse free of charge at the following address:
Scooter Center GmbH, Kurt Schumacher  Str. 1, 50129 Bergheim Glessen

Meaning of the battery symbol

The sale of starter batteries includes the following special features: The seller is according to § 10 OF BattG obligated to collect a deposit of 7.50 € including VAT from end-users, if the end user does not return to the seller a used starter battery at the time of purchase. The customer receives a deposit voucher when buying a starter. Upon return of the old starter battery to a public-waste disposal collection point, the customer has to make sure to get a stamp and a signature to confirm the disposal. Then the customer has the opportunity by providing their customer number to claim back the deposit charged by the seller. Alternatively, the customer can return his old starter battery together with the deposit voucher directly to the seller. (Due to the hazardous material regulation shipping the old battery to the seller is not allowed.)


Notice pursuant to Ordinance on Waste Oils

According to the Waste Oil Ordinance, we are obliged to take back the following used oils free of charge: - engine oil - gear oil - oil filter and oil waste occurred during a regular oil change. You can return the used oil which corresponds to the same amount you bought from us.

Place of return is our head office:

Scooter Center GmbH, Kurt Schumacher  Str. 1, 50129 Bergheim Glessen

You can return oils there at any time during our opening times. Alternatively, you can also send us the used oil; the costs have to be paid by the buyer in this case. Please note that used oil can evoke special transport conditions. For commercial customers, we point out that we can use this towards the fulfillment of our obligations acceptance of others.


Old Electrical Equipment


It is prohibited to dispose old electrical equipment with household waste!

Every consumer is legally obliged to dispose of old electrical equipment separately from household waste and bring it to a local collection point. Old Electrical equipment can be disposed there free of charge. This will ensure that electrical equipment waste is disposed properly, avoiding negative effects on the environment and resources. Therefore, electronic devices are marked with the following symbol: