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Horn -OEM QUALITY 6V AC- Vespa, Lambretta - Ø=75mm - Zink

partnumber 232K3

Delivery time: 1-2 days, Express 1 day*
Buzzer 6V - zinc plated - diameter 75mm.

This buzzer fits to the listed scooters:
  • Vespa V 50 V5A1T
  • Vespa 50 S V5SA1T
  • Vespa 50 Special V5A2T
  • Vespa 50 Special V5B1T
  • Vespa 50 Special V5B3T
  • Vespa 50 SR / Sprinter V5SS2T
  • Vespa SS 50 V5SS1T
  • Vespa 90 V9A1T
  • Vespa 90 Racer V9SS2T
  • Vespa SS 90 V9SS1T
  • Vespa 125 Nuova VMA1T
  • Vespa 125 GTR VNL2T
  • Vespa 125 Primavera VMA2T
  • Vespa 125 Primavera ET3 VMB1T
  • Vespa 125 TS VNL3T
  • Vespa 150 GL VLA1T
  • Vespa 150 Sprint VLB1T
  • Vespa 150 Sprint Veloce VLB1T
  • Vespa 150 Super VBC1T
  • Vespa 180 Rally (ital.) VSD1T
  • Vespa 200 Rally (ital.) VSE1T
  • Vespa P125X 6V, ohne Blinker VNX1T
  • Vespa P150 S 6V, ohne Blinker VBX1T
  • Vespa P150 6V, ohne Blinker VLX1T
  • Vespa P200 6V, ohne Blinker VSX1T

    AC / DC?

    AC = alternating current = AC = buzzer
    DC = direct current = DC = horn

    Many old vehicles without battery use as a AC power supply. This ones can only be connected to so-called buzzer-horn. These may be identified by the falling pitch depending on the engines speed.

    Due to the non-constant frequency buzzer, sinc e the early 1980’s most German bikes have have been equipped with a battery and a DC electrical grid. This allowed to install real DC horns, recognizable by a constant pitch, regardless of the speed of the motor used.

    There are some exceptions in which, despite AC electrical system, a DC horn was used. Piaggio used from year 1984 and later (with the introduction of Lusso/EFL series) special horn rectifier.
    The AC Power supply is converted with a special, only for the horn, rectifier in DC. This rectifier can also be fitted on all vehicles with 12V AC electrical system, to fit a DC horn.

    NOTE: Almost all German Vespa PK and PX models require a horn (DC).


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