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Anti-dive conversion upgrade for disc brake set -SCOOTRS Hydraulic- Lambretta Serie 1-3 - drum or disc brake fork links

partnumber 3331275

Fits both fork link types, drum or disc. (That means: every Lambretta S1-2-3!) However, it does use a disc link axle, so order one if you have a drum link axle. See related products. This kit includes everything needed to convert our regular hydraulic disc brake kit to anti-dive! And all in a very stylish stainless steel design. Anti-dive makes for very smooth stopping. On a regular disc kit the front end dips when you brake. The harder you brake, the harder it dips. With anti-dive it doesn't! The difference is very impressive and changing to the new setup is highly recommended. The kit also includes 2 fork brackets: one to weld-on to your fork (as shown) but also one to bolt-on easily so no need to repaint. Use either one. Note: this does NOT include the caliper, hose, or anything else, only the items needed to convert your current disc kit. However, our new stainless hose is a great addition to add at the same time. See related products. Tech Notes It is an easy conversion and instructions are provided. If choosing to weld on the fork bracket, we recommend trying the bolt-on bracket first to get up and going quickly and adjust for feel. On disc fork links (TV175/SX200/DL200) there is no stud to slot into the speedo cover as with drum links, so you can file off the slot in the speedo cover to make it look nicer if you want but it is hidden behind the link anyway. Also, the new speedo drive cover is different, so be sure to change that too.
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