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Disc brake set -SCOOTRS Hydraulic Anti Dive/Nissin- Lambretta LIS, SX, TV (Serie 3), DL, GP) - drum brake fork links

partnumber 7672592

Going fast might be furious, being able to stop is essential! The new generation of anti dive brakes supply excellent braking power without ruining the suspension. Lambrettas in standard form tend to bottom out in suspension travel, when braked to the limit. The anti dive undocks the braking process from the suspension travel process, so you have got more suspension travel left, when braking into corners, etc. The ScootRS version of this technology is the cheapest option with good looks. The use of a braded hose and Nissin brake calliper show the quality of this product. The polished finish and Innocenti I on the callipers bracket are nice features too. The Antidive bracket must be bolted to the fork, no welding necessary. Please check for the correct light switch housing. Different types for other models are available in the shop. Before fitting the brake check the state of the fork link bushes, if these are worn the brake will work inadequate. We recommend European-made MBs revision kit. The ride and braking, grading up from a rotten drum brake is second to none!
The Antidive version can be used with both type of fork links: Drum brake as well as disc brake. On the right hand side disc brake forklink the lug has to be cutted to get the Antidive working correctly.
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