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Corrosion Blocker -ACF-50- pump-up atomizer (32 OZ) - 946ml

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Anti corrosion fluid designed for aviation applications. The ultra thin film kills existing corrosion and protects the metal from new rust. It actively penetrates through the corrosion deposits to the base of the cell where it lifts the rust away from the metal surface and actively stops the corrosion process and prevents new corrosion.

Scootering magazine in England made a figurative praxis test, nailing to wire wool pads, one treated with ACF-50 and one without to a wooden pallet in the garden. The non-treated one rusted away in a short time, while the ACF-50 treated one lasted more than three years.

The ideal product to protect the inner tunnel of your Vespa or Lambretta.

The manufacturer recommends to apply the fluid every 12 month.

Best feature of the fluid is that it can be processed without special tools.

You may use the ACF-50 at lots of other things as well like the lawn mower, mountain bike, motor bicycle or classic vehicle.

Where rust is the Problem, ACF-50 is the solution.

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