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Ignition -EVERGREEN Vespatronic- Vespa GS150 / GS3 - 1700g

partnumber 7673024

Delivery time: 1-2 days, Express 1 day*
Complete ignition with variable timing. The package includes:

  • CNC machined stator plate
  • fan without fan wreath, here is maintained for the perfect look the original part
  • The original fan must be modified (it will require longer screws)
  • CDI Box
  • Voltage regulator with 12V AC and DC output
  • maintenance tool
  • Datasheet and Schematic

The great advantage of Vespatronic consists in the adjustment of the ignition. With increasing speed, the ignition occurs later, closer to the top dead center. So you can go larger Vorzündungswerte in the lower speed range and reach more torque here - without having to take in the upper speed range, the danger of too hot combustion purchase.

The ignition adjusted by up to 8 ° (example: idle 20 ° BTDC - 2000 U / min 23 ° BTDC - 5000 U / min 21 ° BTDC - 8000 U / min 15 ° BTDC). Detailed information you can find in the data sheet, which is available for download.

The ignition there is in principle quite some time for the Lambretta. Since it has proven itself both in everyday use, but made a good impression in Scootering bench test (December 2004).

On a TS 1 is a power increase of 1PS was realized so over the complete speed range.

High performance ignition, with which one gets the last bit from the engine out without accepting of everyday utility losses. The power of the generator is located at 90W and the board power supply is either AC or DC.

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