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Carburator kit -MRB Dellorto- 25 Dellorto PHBL Lambretta LI, LIS, SX, TV (Series 2-3), dl, GP - 125-190cc engines

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Complete carb kit to upgrade to the modern day Dellorto PHBL 25 mm carb.
Perfect replacement for all worn out MA or SH carbs or for all tuning applications up to 250 cc. The original air filter box can easily been used with it. To achieve the maximum power output you can use it with a Remote air filter system. The original air hose is used for that, fitted with a Ramair foam filter.
Adjustment is much better and the complete rev range improves.
Thanks to 180° elbow included to the delivery the original outer cable can stay. You simply have to put a new inner in.
All needles and jets to dial the engine in are included to the delivery.
If you need a starting point for the setting up of your engine drop a line to: lambretta[at]

This carburetor kit for the smallblock Lambretta engines of the 125-190cc class is a handy piece of kit if you need to upgrade from the old-fashioned SH carb.

Race exhausts, porting work to the cylinder and similar often ask to much of the simple SH carb and its limited set up range

The PHBL Dellorto 25mm offers a much wider adjustment ability, especially in the needle and idle jet setting range.

The piston ported engines respond very happily to larger carb diameters. Not only offering more power, but better thermal consistency as well due to the better inner cooling.

Another advantage is that you can use the carb with the original elbow and air filterbox outfit. This supports a low noise level and underlines the classic standard look of the bike.

To have the maximum air flow, the elbow under the seat should be modified or dismissed.

The throttle cable should be routed without kinks for perfect function.

With the very handy main jet set, idle jet set and carb needle set it is very easy and uncomplicated to adjust every engine from the standard Li125 to larger cc ported conversion cylinders.


-Carb Dellorto 25mm PHBL BS CS=30mm

-Inlet manifold MB DEVELOPMENTS 125-190cc

-Throttle cable guide set - Dellorto

-Cablechoke-kit Dellorto PHBL

-Throttle cable universal

-Connection rubber MB DEVELOPMENTS

-connection clamp CS 32-50mm

-Carb needle set bgm PRO Dellorto PHBL (D22, D24, D26, D27, D28, D29, D30, D31, D32, D33)

-Main jet set bgm PRO Dellorto 6mm (50-72) for idle jetting

-Main jet set bgm PRO Dellorto 5mm (75-98) for main jet

-Main jet set bgm PRO Dellorto 5mm (100-122) for main jet

-Inlet gasket Lambretta

-Throttle cable nipple universal

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