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Ignition -MALOSSI VesPower- Vespa PK XL (cone 20/24mm) - moment of inertia 28 kg/cm² (1200gr.)

partnumber 7676078

The Malossi Vespower ignition provides the following benefits:

  • complete replacement ignition
  • smaller Inertia (1200gr.)
  • agile acceleration
  • more power
  • dynamic ignition timing
  • more torque
  • more spontaneous throttle response
  • 90 watts light output
  • rectifier controller incl.
  • reinforced fan
  • optional multi flywheel mounted (sold separately)

The Malossi Vespower ignition based on the same system as the well-known Vespatronic, Pinasco Flytech or Polini IDM. The stator plate does not have a pickup. The ignition signal is picked up here on the light frequency. With increasing speed, the ignition timing on the CDI is retarded. The engine has a lot of torque in the lower speed range due a high advanced ignition timing. With increasing rpms, while the exhaust strongly supercharges the cylinder, the timing will be retarded. This results in a much cooler cylinder and piston and better revving power.

The lightweight flywheel yields a very dynamic throttle response and improves acceleration. The smaller fan blades fit perfectly to the higher speed level of the tuned engine in which the large blades of the original fan wheel would spin without shifting air.

With optional flywheel weights its possible to get more enertia. If the engine is mostly used for touring, put more weight on (the flywheel of course…) and you get a very stable tick over and a proper acceleration from the lowest revs.

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