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Exhaust gas thermometer (EGT) -STAGE 6- universal (100mm x 40mm x 15mm)

partnumber 7676089

EGT Gauge Stage6

This exhaust gas temperature gauge is a neat instrument for setting up your engine and carb – and it’s available at a bargain price. The temperature will be measured and displayed in real-time, allowing for easy carb adjustment.

As you probably know, a too-lean mixture burns at a very hot temperature, while the exhaust gases of a too-rich mixture don’t reach a certain temperature.
No welding necessary! In order to achieve optimal engine performance, the spark plug should be brown. Using smaller jets increases performance further but also leads to a white sparkplug and eventually to engine seizure. You have to use a jet which results in a mixture so lean that you get an exhaust gas temperature of 650° on a straight with full throttle. Depending on the material, hotter temperatures are also ok, but you will have to be careful, since overheating can lead to a piston seizure. A integrated warning function can be used.

Display readings are between 0 and 1200° C.

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