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Cylinder -AF Rapido 225 cc Race- Lambretta

partnumber 8000011

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Bore 70 mm, stroke 58 mm, alloy cylinder with iron liner made with AL-FIN technique.

Port timings: exhaust 182°, transfers 130°, inlet 155° - piston ported, blow down timing 26°.

The Rapido 225 comes equipped with a high quality 2-ring piston, despite the increase in the cc department it gives a very much revised port layout.

Thanks to the heavily tuned barrel and the large port areas, the Rapido is capable of power output far beyond the 20 bhp mark.

With the chosen parts like carb and exhaust you can determine the behavior of your engine. If you are up for a nice touring setup take a 30 mm bgm PWK carb and a torque exhaust like the JL Road. This gives roughly 20 bhp and the engine pulls away like a tractor.

If you are up for some clutch slipping and really high power outputs, increase the exhaust port timing for 6-10° and choose a Mikuni TMX 35 mm carb together with a revy exhaust like the JL Race. This can give you more than 30 bhp.

Conclusion: Well-balanced cylinder kit with lot of potential both for further tuning and touring use in conjunction with a Clubman and small carbs.
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