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Drive side oilseal retainer plate for bearing 6305 -SIL- Lambretta LI, LIS, SX, TV (2nd-3rd series), GP, DL

partnumber 8002050

Delivery time: 1-2 days, Express 1 day*
Oil seal support drive side -SIL- Lambretta LI, LIS, SX, TV (Series 2-3), GP, DL - alloy.
From the Li Series 1 straight to the Li Series 3 the retaining plates are made out of steel. With the introduction of the dl/GP range the plates are made of alloy. The plates have the same measurements and are interchangeable.
Because the alloy one’s are prone to warping when tightened, it is advisable to use the steel ones.

First you fit the oil seal (33-50-6) into the plate with the oil seal’s spring facing towards the crankshaft. Then you put the (ideally greased) round gasket to the 6305 bearing.
Now you can fit the retaining plate. It is fixed with allen head screws best. Use a torque wrench and tighten them down in a diagonal pattern to 4.7 – 5.2 Nm (0.48 – 0.53 kg-m / 3.6 lbs-ft.)
Additionally a very fine drop of threadlock can be used.
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