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Cylinder -AIRSAL 77 cc Racing X-treme (39,2mm stroke)- Minarelli LC

partnumber AIR1018

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The “X-treme” range by Airsal is their response to high-end tuning parts by Polini and the like. Naturally, in this price class you can expect a nikasil-coated aluminium cylinder. All of Airsal’s cylinders have great workmanship and layout with a lot of potential. Moreover, the X-tremes can easily be identified by their racing-red painting.
Concerning the Airsal’s piston, it is made by Vertex, perfectly up to the challenge of high-end performance. Equipped with one ring and a 12 mm piston pin, instead of the standard 10 mm.
Four transfer ports, three boost ports and a bridged exhaust make up the basic layout of this fine piece of engineering. In addition, the boost port design resembles that of the MHR Team 2 cylinder. Furthermore, the oval exhaust flange brings back memories of Polini’s Evolution series and performs extremely well on the dyno. Apart from that, the bridged exhaust port seems to be inspired by the X-treme’s “little brother” (very little, for that matter) T6. A clever choice, leaving enough potential for future porting options.
For reasons of perfect alignment, the head is sunk-in to the cylinder.

Just like any other big bore cylinder, machining of the crankcase is required. The cylinder can be used with the original stroke, but still you will get 77cc of displacement.
To fully make use of the X-treme’s potential, we recommend a carburettor with at least 19 mm diameter and a high-revving exhaust.
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