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Rear shock absorber set -BGM PRO SC/R1 SPORT, 340mm- Vespa GT 125-200, GTL 125-200, GTS 125-300, GTV 125-300 - black

partnumber BGM7749NB

The BGM PRO SC shock absorber series belong to the finest suspension systems for a scooter. CNC machined, high-tensile aluminium (6061) finished with a corrosion-resistant hard-anodising coating is the basis of the a high-end suspension. The very stable piston rods are extremely finely processed in order to obtain a perfect surface with good sliding properties: this guarantees a sensitive response of the shock absorber as well as a total stability. Thanks to the numerous adjustment options the BGM shock absorbers can be used for different riding styles, for touring as well as sporty rides. Whether a firm, sporty ride or rather a comfortable smooth ride, everything is possible with a few clicks.


  • TÜV approval
  • high-tensile aluminium, CNC machined
  • hard-anodised surfaces for good protection
  • damping technology for a sporty and comfortable ride
  • high-quality and long lifetime components
  • solid 13,5 mm piston rod
  • stepless adjustable spring preload
  • plug and play
  • COMPETITION: adjustable rebound and compression damping

We offer you two different series: SPORT and COMPETITION.
Both have a top-quality basis.


The SPORT series is provided with an adjustable spring preload and therefore the scooter suspension can be adjusted for different rider‘s weight/vehicle load. The damping is fixed: ideal for a comfortable and sporty ride.

  • BGM PRO SC/F1 Sport
  • BGM PRO SC/R1 Sport

The abbreviation F1 means "front, with fixed damping".
R1 means "rear, with fixed damping".

The COMPETITION series are provided with an adjustable spring preload and an adjustable damping. This way the scooter suspension can be adjusted for different rider‘s weight/vehicle load. Rebound and compression damping can be adjusted separately coming up to the highest expectations.

  • BGM PRO SC/F16 Competition
  • BGM PRO SC/R12 Competition

The abbreviation F16 means "front, with 16-fold adjustable compression damping".
R12 means "rear, with 12-fold adjustable compression damping".
Both types have a 44-fold adjustable rebound damping (upper lock nut).

We offer different kinds of COMPETITION shock absorber sets:

The F16 Competition sets include an adjustable Competition shock absorber for the front axle and for the rear axle a R1 Sport shock absorber. These sets are therefore cheaper than the R12 version.

The R12 Competition sets include adjustable Competition shock absorbers either for the front and for the rear axle. These sets provide a high-end configuration and meet all rider's demands.

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