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Engine casing -PINASCO Master 2016 (1.1), rotary valve- Vespa PX200 Elestart

partnumber PN26482021

Delivery time: 1-2 days, Express 1 day*

The Pinasco engine casings are very high quality replacement engine casings made from the finest die cast aluminium. Apart from their very precise manufacture they also feature many special details that are especially interesting for anyone committed to tuning.
Apart from the significantly larger gasket surfaces at the base of the cylinder jug barrel and the carburetor inlet port, Pinasco also offers a version of the casings featuring a reed valve intake. Having been a long time standard in the automatic sector this suction technique also offers a lot of intake for large carburetors to profoundly inhale. Additional die cast reinforcements, a larger crankshaft bearing as well as a fantastic scope of delivery add to the positive overall impression of the Pinasco engine casing.

The casings are made in two different versions each, for the 125-150cc and the 200cc:

The casings correspond to the PX models’ latest construction stage from 1992 (interior oil seal for the main shaft). The engine`s interior components and the ignition components from all 125-200cc models that were produced in 1982 and later can be used. Components from 1984 and later are to be preferred due to the improved and stronger gearbox and the alternator with a higher performance. The engine of the COSA models is also very suitable as a donator engine. They use engine casings that differ on the outside but feature the same interior components as the PX models from 1992 and later (Note that the primary gear reduction is shorter: 21/68 instead of 23/65).

Both versions feature the same reasonable improvements:

    High quality die cast aluminium with a fine surface finish
    Very precisely milled sealing surfaces
    Reinforcement ribs near the main shaft bearing on the shifter peg side and the rear shock mounting plate
    Significantly more material used at the cylinder jug barrel’s sealing surface and at the carburetor inlet
    The crankshaft bearing on the alternator side is a large cylindrical roller bearing (NU205 25x52x15mm)
    The housings are intended for being equipped with a metal oil seal (clutch side). Please use the type for the 200cc versions with a brown sealing lip.
    Double lubrication hole for the alternator bearing
  • FIT
    Two additional dowel bushes = crankshafts with an overlong hub do not require the centering edge of the alternator side. Dowel bushes dimensions: OØ=9,95mm, IØ=8,40mm, h=13,80mm
    The bore diameter for the silent rubbers is Ø44mm (Piaggio Ø43mm). The included silent rubber washers are stiffer and give the engine a better positioning in the frame. Please note that all standard rubbers will work, except solutions who are based on metall sleeves.
    The engine casings do not have an impressed number or prefix on them
    No oil drain hole for transmission oil = There no longer is a superfluous oil drain hole that shows whether the oil seal on the inside is damaged*.

*We recommend using an encapsulated bearing and an exterior oil seal with a corresponding brake drum.

- Extra-large sealing surface across both engine block halves, fits all intake manifolds
- Can be used as a 1:1 replacement for the standard engine casing
-The 125-150cc version features the same crankshaft housing as the 200cc models and inevitably requires a PX200 crankshaft. The rotary valve’s width was adapted to the dimension of the 200cc models. The narrower gasket of a 125cc crankshaft will not seal the surface here.

- Centered full surface reed valve intake
- Comes with a reed valve intake manifold, comes with a reed valve in a RD350 format (distance holes 58x48mm)
- Intake rubber washer can be turned by 360°, carburetor connecting size= Ø34mm
- Rubber washer fits Keihin PWK28, Mikuni TMX27/30, Dell'Orto PHBH28/30, VHS24- 30
- No moulded shaft for the oil pump control
- No hole for an oil pump drive shaft

The dowel bush for the auxiliary shaft that is included needs to be inserted. The casings are meant to be used with an electric starter motor. Therefore, please use the flywheel cover for models with an electric starter motor. For those without electric starter motor, simply cover the hole in the casing with our proper tin panel (7671454). Should you be using other transmission components than the ones of the PX 125cc models, please check whether the auxiliary shaft is compatible and modify it if necessary.
Please apply a high strength locking agent to all stud bolts. The cylinder stud bolts are not oversized on one side as is customary with Piaggio. Therefore, also glue in the Pinasco cylinder stud bolts that come with the delivery. Please make sure that when screwing in the cylinder stud bolts, any oil pump cog wheel that may be mounted can move freely. We recommend cutting all of the threads again and cleaning them out with compressed air.
The crankshaft bearing NU205 on the alternator side does not fit flush with the edges of the engine casing.
It sticks out about 1mm toward the crankshaft.


- All stud bolts
- Silent rubbers + washers for the silent rubbers
- Casing gaskets
- Auxiliary shaft bushing

- As above, in addition comes with:
- Intake manifold including the reed valve, intake rubber washer, gasket and small components
- NOTE: Bolts for attaching the intake manifold on the engine block are not included (see: accessories)

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