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Returning of goods

To return goods of your orders please use the returning function in my account -> order overview. There you will find a list of your orders and you can return goods by clicking [Return] button.

Please use returning function in every case of returning or contact us. Consider that this is the right way to minimize delivery time and costs.


Right to return

Consumers have the right to return the goods within two weeks without giving a reason. The time limit is determined with the returning of the goods. See below for details.


Please bear in mind that it can take up to ten days until it is covered.

Please phone us +49 (0) 22 38 30 74 30 or send us an email to with the reason for returning the goods. You have to pack the goods safely and send them back to us.

Please send us complete and unused items only. Otherwise we can’t refund the value oft he goods without deduction.

Please send the items you want to return complete incl. all small parts, fitting instructions and in its original packing. Please use a secure packing that avoids the parts becoming damaged.

Unfree returns will not be taken by us. They cost you money.

 Customers (§ 13 BGB) do have a right of withdrawal by law.

Instruction concerning the right of withdrawl

Right of withdrawl

You have the right to quit the contract during the period of two weeks without giving reasons by sending the parts back or in text form (letter, fax, email). The deadline starts one day after the receipt of this instruction but not before you have received the goods. The observing of the deadline is valid by sending the goods or the text within the four weeks. The withdrawl has to be sent to:

Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 1
50129 Bergheim – Glessen

Fax: 0049 (0)2238 30 74 74

Withdrawl consequences
In the case of a withdrawl with a good cause both parties have to return the performed services and -as the case may be- reimburse any eventual realized usage. If you are not able to return the performed services in the state they were when delivered, you have to compensate for that. This is not valid, if the worsening of the goods is caused by a checkup as it might be possible at the shop. The compensation can be avoided, if you don’t use the goods in a way as they were your property and if you neglect everything that reduces their worth.

Goods that can be sent with the postal services have to be sent back. Goods which can’t be sent by the postal services, will be collected at your place.

You have to cover the costs of the returning of the goods, if the goods delivered by us are identical to those ordered by you and if the total sum of the goods are no more than 40 €. If the total sum is higher and you haven’t fulfilled your part of the contract at the moment of withdrawl, you have to cover the costs of the returning as well. In all other cases the postage costs will be covered by us. Commitments to refund the money have to be fulfilled 30 days after the posting of your withdrawl.