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Cylinder -CASA PERFORMANCE SS225 X7 225cc- Lambretta TV 200, SX 200, DL 200, GP 200 - CS=42mm, for carb Ø=35mm

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Casa Lambretta Performance cylinder kit SS225 for 200 cc engine casings. Bore 70 mm, stroke 58...Continue reading


Casa Lambretta Performance cylinder kit SS225 for 200 cc engine casings.

Bore 70 mm, stroke 58 mm, ceramic plated alloy barrel.

Port timings with 58 mm stroke: exhaust: 190°, transfers: 124°, inlet reed valve controlled, blow down timing 33°.

The layout of this cylinder kit has a bridged exhaust port, four main transfers, a single boost port and two Boyesen ports in the inlet port.

The piston is made by Meteor (Italy) is coated and comes with a compression height of 39mm.
The compression ratio ist stated with 11.5:1. The volume of the combustion chamber is 21.8 cc.
The reed that is used with the kit is a massive 6 petal reed block. The inlet manifold comes with a stuffer and is very short. The delivery of the cylinder kit contains a carb connection rubber with 42 mm connection size.

Together with a Franspeed Race pipe and 34 mm VHSB carb the power of the kit is stated with 28 hp at the rear wheel. This makes the kit the most powerful ‘out of the box’ kit on the market. As an option to the given setup we would recommend a 33 to 35 mm Keihin Airstriker carb and the Tourist exhaust by Ludwig & Scherer.

This is the ‘SS225 Lydden Hill Replica’ kit. It is hand-ported by the Casa tuner Roberto Barone and comes with a certificate of authenticity. It is an exact copy of the kit used by ‘Team Casa Lambretta’ during their triumphant 2014 visit to the UK for the BSSO races and as those there will testify, Mattia’s scooter was pretty much unrivalled. It was unprecedented that the scooter was fitted with a box-fresh kit (with zero running in) and blasted from the word go. 

Please read the rlc setup tips (see "downloads")


Fits the following vehicles

  • Innocenti Lambretta GP 200 (DL 200)
  • Innocenti Lambretta TV 200 (GT 200)
  • Innocenti Lambretta SX 200 (X 200 Special)
  • Serveta Lambretta Jet 200
  • Serveta Lambretta Lince 200
  • Serveta Lambretta Scooterlinea 200
  • SIL Lambretta GP 200


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