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Brakes repair kit -OEM QUALITY- Vespa Cosa 125 (VNR1T, VNR2T), Cosa 200 (VSR1T)

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The Cosa was one of the first scooters to have a hydraulic integral brake system. The foot...Continue reading


The Cosa was one of the first scooters to have a hydraulic integral brake system. The foot operated brake pedal brakes both wheels with hydraulic drum brakes.
The hand lever brake on the handlebars acts solely on the front wheel. However, it is only intended as an emergency brake or holding brake for starting up on inclines and is not intended as a service brake. With this technology, Piaggio wanted to bring even more unneeded two-wheeler novices onto their vehicles and make it easier for them to switch over to familiar car technology.

Like all hydraulic brakes, COSA''s system components are subject to the ravages of time. The aggressive, hygroscopic (water-attracting) brake fluid causes the hydraulic cylinders of the brake to corrode with neglected maintenance and a total failure of the brake is pre-programmed.

To keep the classic of tomorrow, the COSA, mobile, we have managed to provide almost all wear parts of the Cosa brake system in high quality at a reasonable kit price:

  • main brake cylinder
  • brake cylinder front
  • brake cylinder rear
  • brake pad set front
  • brake pad set rear

This allows the brake of the Cosa to be repaired reliably and permanently.
In addition, we also offer brake lines, brake drums and the brake pressure regulator as well as small parts.

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28 Feb 2016

Perfekt! Alles beisammen was man braucht um eine alterschwache Bremsanlage wieder fit zumachen.

25 Feb 2016

alles in Ordnung

13 Oct 2015

Passform Optimal, Preis OK
Belagsstärke bei Belägen zu gering,
optional sollten die Federn für die Beläge angeboten werden - in summe ist
das Set empfehlenswert !

15 Aug 2015

Sehr gute Preisleistung. Schweizer Piaggohändler konnten wir diese Teile nicht organisieren.

17 Jul 2015

Guter Paketpreis für genau die Teile die häufig Probleme bereiten.

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