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Tyre -MICHELIN City Grip snow tyre M+S- 3.50 - 10 inch TL 59J (reinforced)

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Before ordering please compare with the tyre size in your vehicle documents The Michelin City...Continue reading


Before ordering please compare with the tyre size in your vehicle documents

The Michelin City Grip Winter is a real winter tyre for scooters. In the automotive branch, sipe technology has proven its point. It was adapted to these tyres. Combined with a soft carcass construction the tyre remains flexible and adapts to any subsoil even at -10°C. This special winter rubber mix leads to a very high grip level and eliminates the fear of cold and wet roads. We were entirely convinced by our own vehicles, which are equipped with these tyres and which are used on a daily basis. Also in dry and moderate temperatures the City Grip offers an entirely new driving experience. A constant feeling of safety and superb braking performance on wet roads turn the City Grip Winter into a clear recommendation for every all-year scooterist.

Conclusion: Brilliant tyre with extremely high grip level, not only suitable for the cold season!

Advice: With this tyre scooterists in Germany and many other European countries are on the legal side during the cold season. Due to its suitability for wintry conditions the Michelin City Grip is marked "M+S".

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22 Jan 2018

tre bon pour l(hiver gomme tendre tien bien la route sur route humide

11 Jan 2018

Super Reifen

19 Aug 2017

bonne qualité.

24 Jan 2015

I have done barely few kilometers with this tires so I can't give an objective report. I can just write that the quality of the tires seems very good as the tread design.

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