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Ball bearing -BGM PRO- rear wheel, Lambretta (series 1-3)

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Special rear wheel bearing from BGM PRO for Lambretta engines series 1 to 3. The special...Continue reading


Special rear wheel bearing from BGM PRO for Lambretta engines series 1 to 3.
The special bearing manufactured only for the Lambretta has an integrated shaft seal ring.
The assembly of the shaft seal ring is not necessary with the BGM bearing, the high-quality seal ring (NBR) is already assembled.

The internal clearance is adapted to the assembly characteristics of the Lambretta motors. When fully assembled, it is still sufficiently large without the bearing running too tightly. The high-quality sealing in combination with the exact tolerance of the bearing clearance create the solid basis for a very long service life.

For mounting the bearing, heat the motor housing (hot air gun) and cool the bearing (ice compartment or ice spray). As soon as the bearing is mounted and heated by the hot motor housing, the main shaft can be used. The slightly warmed inner ring of the bearing also allows a main shaft from Casa Lambretta to be installed much more tightly than the original.

The permissible torque must be observed during the subsequent assembly of the end shield.
Due to their design, the slim M6 studs tend to tilt outwards when the tightening torque is too high, which can damage the motor housing.
As a guide value for the four studs, 4.7 - 5.2Nm are specified.



28 Apr 2019


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