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Battery -YUASA YB4L-B- 12V 4Ah - 120x70x92mm (without acid)

€18.94 *

incl. VAT plus shipping costs

In stock: can be delivered or picked up in the store
EAN: 5050694007330
tension: 12 V
capacity: 4 Ah
type: YB4L-B
size: 120x70x92mm
acid pack incl.:
volume acid needed: 0.3 l
charge current: 0.3 A
cold discharge test current: 32 A
similar to Varta: 50411
similar to Yuasa: YB4L-B
similar to GS: GM4-3B
similar to FB: FB4L-B
similar to Fiamm: 6I2P
similar to Exide: EB4L-B
similar to JM: YB4L-B
P For this item you get fidelity point/s
Info ! In Germany there is a legal deposit of 7,50€ for batteries. Please add this amount to...Continue reading


Info ! In Germany there is a legal deposit of 7,50€ for batteries. Please add this amount to payments made in advance. Batteries of motor scooters are under particular strain. Frequent short-distance journeys with fluctuating charging times, operation in wind and weather and frequent starts demand the maximum from batteries. To ensure that the starting process is quick, reliable and fast in all temperature ranges and under all weather conditions, we have decided to include batteries from the German quality manufacturer Bosch in our range. High-quality workmanship and final inspection ensure a product of high reliability, fit and durability that is superior to cheaper products in the long run, because those who buy cheap often buy twice. Delivery without battery acid (required volume approx. 0.3 litres) - dimensions LxWxH 99x57x111mm - weight incl.acid 1.3 kg - 6V High Power Battery - low maintenance - long life - high safety reserve - reliable starting power - central degassing - capacity 6AH - cold test current 30A Batteries contain lead and must therefore not be disposed of with household waste (§ 12 Battery Ordinance of 27 March 1998). For this purpose they are marked with the symbol of a crossed-out dustbin with the chemical symbol of the heavy metal (Pb=lead) which is decisive for the classification as containing harmful substances. German customers are obliged (§ 7 BattV) to return used batteries to the seller or a municipal collection point. Due to the dangerous goods regulation, the return of the used battery via shipping is not possible. For this reason, we offer you either to return the battery to us in our shop or you simply have the deposit voucher (included with every battery we send) stamped at a municipal collection point. If you send us the voucher with sufficient postage, your customer number and your bank details, we will refund the €7.50 deposit immediately. No battery acid is included in the delivery. This may not be sent on the dispatch way


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Battery -YTX4L-BS- 12V 4Ah - 112x68x86mm
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