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Exhaust -BGM PRO BigBox SPORT (BBS)- Vespa PX200, Rally200

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The BGM BigBox Sport - a wolf in sheep''s clothing Performance like a racing exhaust - design...Continue reading


The BGM BigBox Sport - a wolf in sheep''s clothing
Performance like a racing exhaust - design and sound like a standard exhaust

The BGM BigBox Sport is a purebred Vespa racing exhaust with the unsuspicious design of a genuine exhaust. Like the genuine Vespa exhaust, the BigBox is also double-walled and provided with insulation wool. This exhaust is an alternative to conspicuous and mostly loud replicas of our Original-BigBox and big expansion exhausts. Its high performance makes the bgm BigBox Sport clearly stand out from other box pipes. Designed for performance oriented drivers, who hold an unsuspicious vehicle in high esteem.

Like every racing exhaust, the Sport Box requires a high power engine in order to develop full performance. If used in combination with cylinders like Polini 210, Malossi MHR and similar, this exhaust offers impressing results. It easily supports engine performances above the 25HP level and pushes with a rich torque. Despite its high top performance the sport box also supports leisure riding.

Due to the commitment to a high gas flow rate, BigBox Sport is not suitable for standard engines or tame tuning cylinders. It needs a clear and strong pressure impulse in order to breathe life into the big manifold of the Sport Box.


  • Standard design
  • Low noise leve thanks to the double-wall and insulation wall like in genuine exhaust
  • Top performance like an expansion exhaust
  • No flat spot
  • Broad revs range
  • Higher top speed
  • Very unsuspicious
  • Fits also Rally/Sprint without modifications
  • Solid design with clamp at the cylinder
  • Handmade in Europe


  • Not suitable for vehicles with 8 inch wheels (no sufficient ground clearance)
  • Not suitable for standard engines

Please note: use a main jet approx. 4-6 numbers bigger than the main jet used with the genuine exhaust.

To fasten the exhaust manifold to the cylinder you need to use a clamp. In comparison with a loose fitting with an O-ring, this ensures more stability and prevents damages at the exhaust flange. For best ground clearance we recommend to use a long spacer at the rear shock absorber.

Conclusion: pure understatement. Performance of a racing exhaust, design and sound like a standard exhaust.

The charts in the section "Downloads" show:

  • Polini 207 plug & play on genuine PX200 engine
  • Malossi MHR 210 (not modified) on crankshaft with 59mm stroke, reed valve intake, PWK33, squish clearance: 0.95mm, 1mm cylinder base gasket, 0.5mm cylinder head gasket
  • Malossi MHR 221, 64mm stroke (=236cc), reed valve intake, 30mm Dell''Orto, 130°/184°
    red curve = BigBox old
    blue curve = BigBox Sport

(EL 130718)


Fits the following vehicles

  • Vespa (Piaggio) P 200 E (VSX1T, -1980)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) PX 200 E (VSX1T, 1981-1983)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) PX 200 E FL (VSX1T, 1984-1997)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) PX 200 E FL (ZAPM18, 1998-)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 200 Rally (VSE1T, Ducati)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 200 Rally (VSE1T, Femsa)


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17 Aug 2018
Laut, thermisch nicht so stabil, trotzdem geil!

Fahre: PX mit Malossi MHR auf 62mm Langhub, MMW Ansauger mit V-Force 3 und Mikuni TMX 30. 32 Tourentaugliche PS.
Vom Fahren der beste Auspuff ever! Ab 40km/h den vierten Gang und durchziehen bis 130, kein Problem! Egal ob Wind oder nicht.
Der Auspuff ist aber super-laut! Unerheblich welches Endrohr da drin ist. 3 verschiedene eingeschweißt, da die Kiste nie thermisch Stabil war. Lautstärke-technisch kein spürbarer Unterschied. Stabilität ist etwas besser geworden, aber nicht wirklich ok. Nach 2-3 Minuten bei 100km/h macht der Auspuff zu. Die Klemmung ist ebenfalls nur mittelmäßig, hab direkt auf Vitonflansch umgerüstet. Passform super. Auch in Kurven keine Aufsetzer.
Alles in allem gut, aber der vollmundigen Versprechen im Text, gibt’s eine Abwertung.
Nix mit „leise“, nix mit „thermisch stabil“. Aber trotzdem ein geiler Puff!!

5 Dec 2015

Im Vergleich zu Sip Road, Megadella V4Cl3, Megadella V6+T hat dieser unten gleich viel Schmalz wie Sip Road und geht obenraus sogar besser als der Megadella :)

14 Sep 2015

I fit this to my Mallosi 210 which was running a Swift exhaust (~1992). It always suffered with the dreaded 3rd to 4th shift even though it had a T5 4th gear. on first try, this seems to have resolved that issue. Bike still accelerates well and revs out like an expansion pipe. Not much quieter than the Swift but I am OK with that. The pipe fit very easily and seems to have decent ground clearance on this P2. Overall, pleased so far and look forward to taking it on a rally to really see its worth! Cheers!

22 Jul 2015

Passt perfekt

1 Jun 2015

Ich musste allerdings bei meiner PX MY den Hauptständer und die Rückholfeder versetzen.
Das war nicht so Plug and Play kompatibel.

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