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Air filter box -BGM Pro- Lambretta LI (series 1-3), LIS, SX, TV (series 1-3), DL, GP

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This is the bgm PRO air filter box for your Lambretta Series 1-3. The box is based on a SIL...Continue reading


This is the bgm PRO air filter box for your Lambretta Series 1-3.

The box is based on a SIL airfilter box, but the neck is removed and a specially made inlet tube is hard soldered into the box. The diameter of this matches the diameter of the frame for higher airflow. The box is white powder coated. All the work has been done locally here in Köln.

    The delivery contains:
  • Modified and powder coated air filter box
  • bgm PRO mesh type air filter
  • Powder coated air filter below
  • Clamp, screw, plate, gasket and nut

The idea of the box is to give original optics, have a nicer induction sound compared to an open bellmouth or foam filter with nearly no power losses.

The kit is an off the shelf solution to replace your original air filter box.

Color : RAL9010

Fits the following vehicles

  • Eibar Lambretta LI 125 (series 2)
  • Eibar Lambretta LI 150 (series 2)
  • Eibar Lambretta TV 175 (series 2)
  • Innocenti Lambretta GP 125 (DL 125)
  • Innocenti Lambretta GP 150 (DL 150)
  • Innocenti Lambretta GP 200 (DL 200)
  • Innocenti Lambretta LI 125 (series 1)
  • Innocenti Lambretta LI 125 (series 2)
  • Innocenti Lambretta LI 125 (series 3)
  • Innocenti Lambretta LI 125 Special (LIS 125)
  • Innocenti Lambretta LI 150 (series 1)
  • Innocenti Lambretta LI 150 (series 2)
  • Innocenti Lambretta LI 150 (series 3)
  • Innocenti Lambretta LI 150 Special (LIS 150)
  • Innocenti Lambretta TV 175 (series 2)
  • Innocenti Lambretta TV 175 (series 3)
  • Innocenti Lambretta TV 200 (GT 200)
  • Innocenti Lambretta SX 150 (X 150 Special)
  • Innocenti Lambretta SX 200 (X 200 Special)
  • SIL Lambretta GP 125
  • SIL Lambretta GP 150
  • SIL Lambretta GP 200
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6 Apr 2016

Passt gut und ist sauber verarbeitet. Es sind alle notwendigen Teile dabei. Nur die Dichtung zum Rahmen sollte man auch gleich bestellen

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