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Rear shock absorber -BGM PRO SC/R12 COMPETITION, 330mm- Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150, PX200, T5 125cc, Vespa Rally180 (VSD1T), Vespa Rally200 (VSE1T - Ducati), Sprint150 (VLB1T), TS125 (VNL3T), GT125 (VNL2T), GTR125 (VNL2T), V50, PV, ET3

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BGM Pro offers with the Sport and Competition line two high-quality shock absorber series....Continue reading


BGM Pro offers with the Sport and Competition line two high-quality shock absorber series. What both have in common is perfect workmanship, high material quality and ABE approval. Despite their high load capacity, the dampers are very light, as they are made of high-strength CNC aluminum and have an outstanding surface protection of hard anodized.
The front dampers are 15mm shorter than standard suspension struts and thus lower the vehicle front. This benefits driving stability, top speed and, last but not least, looks. In addition, the swingarm angle is reduced, which improves the response of the damper. The resulting greater caster stabilizes the handling at higher speeds.

  • with KBA test mark / ABE (TÜV/Dekra demonstration required)
  • high-strength aluminium, CNC machined
  • hard anodised surfaces for optimum protection
  • sporty, harmonious damping technology
  • high-quality components for long service life
  • solid 12,5 mm piston rod
  • ready-to-install complete solution

BGM PRO SC Competition
gas pressure based racing suspension with superb everyday qualities. Fully adjustable in spring preload (stepless) and rebound (12/16).
With separate expansion tank for the gas reservoir, therefore thermally extremely stable, even in tough racing conditions. The adjustment range extends from comfortable to very tight and can therefore be adapted to every driver and driving type.

  • stepless adjustment of spring preload
  • large expansion tank directly on the housing
  • rebound damping 12/16-fold adjustable

Based on the Competition chassis, but without separate expansion tank and fixed damping rate. Ideal for everyday sporting use, even with powerful engines.
Very harmonious basic tuning with optimum balance between sportiness and suitability for everyday use. Compared to the Competition chassis it is infinitely adjustable in height. This allows the height of the vehicle to be adjusted on both axles. This allows the front to be lowered or the rear to be raised without having to change the pre-load, which is so important for the negative spring travel. The front shock absorber can be infinitely adjusted between 240mm and 220mm height.

  • infinitely variable adjustment of spring preload
  • sporty-harmonious acting damping technology
  • individually height adjustable (20mm)

Incl. enclosed ABE and adjustment instructions.

Note: Vespa PX models from approx. year 2000 on require a spacer of at least 48mm length at the rear shock absorber top (see accessories). Piaggio uses from year 2000 longer struts which are mounted without distance piece. In order to get back to the correct overall length, a spacer (as originally used on the older models ex works) is required. Otherwise the tail is too low by the amount of the missing spacer.


Fits the following vehicles

  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 50 (V5A1T, 1963)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 50 L (V5A1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 50 N (V5A1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 50 S (V5A1T, 1964)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 50 Special (V5A2T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 50 Special (V5B1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 50 Special (V5B3T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 50 Special Elestart (V5A3T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 50 Special Elestart (V5B2T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 50 Special Elestart (V5B4T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 50 Sprinter (V5SS2T, -1975)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 50 SR (V5SS2T, 1975-)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) P 80 X (V8X1T, -1983)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) PX 80 E FL (V8X1T, 1983-)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) PX 80 E FL Elestart (V8X1T, 1984-1990)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 90 (V9A1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 90 Super Sprint (V9SS1T, SS90)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 125 ET3 (VMB1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 125 GT (VNL2T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 125 GTR (VLB2T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 125 Nuova (VMA1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) P 125 X (VNX1T, -1983)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 125 Primavera (VMA2T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) PX 125 E FL (VNX2T, 1984-1997)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) PX 125 E FL (ZAPM09300, 1998-2000)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) PX 125 E FL (ZAPM09302, 2001-)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 125 Super (VNC1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) PX 125 T5 (VNX5T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 125 TS (VNL3T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) P 150 X (VLX1T, -1980)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) PX 150 E (VLX1T, 1981-1983)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) PX 150 E FL (VLX1T, 1984-1997)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) PX 150 E FL (ZAPM09400, 1998-2000)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) PX 150 E FL (ZAPM09401, 2001-)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 150 Sprint (VLB1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 150 Sprint Veloce (VLB1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 150 Super (VBC1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 160 GS (VSB1T, 1962, GS4)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 160 GS (VSB1T, 1963, GS4)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 180 Rally (VSD1T)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 180 Super Sport (VSC1T, SS180)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) P 200 E (VSX1T, -1980)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) PX 200 E (VSX1T, 1981-1983)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) PX 200 E FL (VSX1T, 1984-1997)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) PX 200 E FL (ZAPM18, 1998-)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 200 Rally (VSE1T, Ducati)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 200 Rally (VSE1T, Femsa)


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13 Sep 2018

Toller Dämpfer. Völlig anderes Fahrverhalten, unheimlich sicher. Wichtig, erst Zugdämpfung einstellen. Auf jeden Fall Verlängerung mitbestellen und Gummi am Motorblock, wenn schon alles auseinander ist. Ich habe den Dämpfer in die PX 125 lusso eingebaut.

16 Feb 2018

Super Verarbeitung, absolut zu empfehlen

18 Aug 2017

très léger, super qualité, très très bon amortisseur, un peu cher.

16 Feb 2016

Schnelle Lieferung, top Qualität und super Kommunikation! Sehr Empfehlenswert!

28 Jun 2015

Hab den Artikel bei meiner Vespa GTR Bj. 69 verbaut und bin supa zufrieden!
Einstellmöglichkeiten ohne Ende!

5 Nov 2014

Ich verwende die Stoßdämpfer im Strasseneinsatz, das Einstellen ist zwar etwas aufwendig aber mit 2 Mann sehr gut und schnell zu machen. Die Qualität ist super und ich kann sie jedem mit ruhigem Gewissen weiter empehlen.

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