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Silent block pair, engine -BGM PRO- Lambretta LIS, SX, TV (2nd series, 3rd series), DL, GP - 29cm engine bolt

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We were so unhappy with all the remade engine mounts for the Lambretta that we decided to do our...Continue reading


We were so unhappy with all the remade engine mounts for the Lambretta that we decided to do our own ones. We tested different grades of rubber hardness and different hardness on left hand side and right hand side.
Now we have found the perfect stiffness to cut down vibrations with different hardness on left hand side and right hand side. Delivery is always as a pair. They come with indication moulded into the rubber, if it is for left (L) side or right (R).
Additionally there is an arrow that shows mounting position, the arrow should face to the top. With the bgm crankshaft, balanced bgm flywheel and a lightweight piston you can now have a super smooth running engine at every rev range without vibrations.

Fits the following vehicles

  • Innocenti Lambretta GP 125 (DL 125)
  • Innocenti Lambretta GP 150 (DL 150)
  • Innocenti Lambretta GP 200 (DL 200)
  • Innocenti Lambretta LI 125 Special (LIS 125)
  • Innocenti Lambretta LI 150 Special (LIS 150)
  • Innocenti Lambretta TV 175 (series 3)
  • Innocenti Lambretta TV 200 (GT 200)
  • Innocenti Lambretta SX 150 (X 150 Special)
  • Innocenti Lambretta SX 200 (X 200 Special)
  • Serveta Lambretta Lince 125
  • Serveta Lambretta Scooterlinea 125
  • Serveta Lambretta Special 125
  • Serveta Lambretta Lince 150
  • Serveta Lambretta Scooterlinea 150
  • Serveta Lambretta Special 150
  • Serveta Lambretta Scooterlinea 175
  • Serveta Lambretta Jet 200
  • Serveta Lambretta Lince 200
  • Serveta Lambretta Scooterlinea 200
  • SIL Lambretta GP 125
  • SIL Lambretta GP 150
  • SIL Lambretta GP 200


Silent block Vespa - new sets for Vespa PK

By: Scooter Center
2019-04-01 13:07:40

Silent block Vespa - new sets for Vespa PK

Optimised asymmetrical silent blocks by bgm PRO The engine of your Vespa requires two different engine mountings, the one for the right side (heavy engine side) and the other for the left side (light... Continue reading


Reviews 12
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18 May 2019

Haven't spent too much time with these, but they seem to be good.

14 Oct 2016

BGM!!!! works like a treat

14 Oct 2016


14 Apr 2016

das Produkt ist schön und kommt sehr schnell.

6 Apr 2016

prodotto eccellente

1 Apr 2016

look the part - not yet fitted to enable an accurate review

16 Mar 2016

good quality

13 Jan 2016


17 Aug 2015

Funktioniert tadellos

30 Jul 2015

very good

4 Jul 2015

Spot on top quality

10 Jun 2015

Very good quality, and for a reasonable price.

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