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Rear brake cable, inner -BGM PRO Ø=2.9mm x 1050mm with threaded end M6- Lambretta (Serie 1-3) LI, LIS, SX, TV, GP, DL (also suitable for Vespa Largeframe (1958-1977) with T5 brake lever)

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A very clever solution to get a more convenient rear brake adjustment. Fits without any hassle...Continue reading


A very clever solution to get a more convenient rear brake adjustment. Fits without any hassle for all Lambretta Series 1- 3 scooters. Parts of the old adjuster are re-used. This type of cable arrangements makes for easy adjustment and quick to removal in the event of taking an engine out of the frame.

For Vespa Largeframe scooters this clever & smart rear brake inner can be used with the T5 rear brake cable lever. Afterwards you will use the threaded cable with the type of adjuster as used on the Vespa Lusso scooters.

Rear brake cable inner with a threaded 6mm end- laid cable (total length with end equals 1130 mm). Sold separate they can be used in any outer cable.


Fits the following vehicles

  • Eibar Lambretta LI 125 (series 2)
  • Eibar Lambretta LI 150 (series 2)
  • Eibar Lambretta TV 175 (series 2)
  • Innocenti Lambretta GP 125 (DL 125)
  • Innocenti Lambretta GP 150 (DL 150)
  • Innocenti Lambretta GP 200 (DL 200)
  • Innocenti Lambretta LI 125 (series 1)
  • Innocenti Lambretta LI 125 (series 2)
  • Innocenti Lambretta LI 125 (series 3)
  • Innocenti Lambretta LI 125 Special (LIS 125)
  • Innocenti Lambretta LI 150 (series 1)
  • Innocenti Lambretta LI 150 (series 2)
  • Innocenti Lambretta LI 150 (series 3)
  • Innocenti Lambretta LI 150 Special (LIS 150)
  • Innocenti Lambretta TV 175 (series 2)
  • Innocenti Lambretta TV 175 (series 3)
  • Innocenti Lambretta TV 200 (GT 200)
  • Innocenti Lambretta SX 150 (X 150 Special)
  • Innocenti Lambretta SX 200 (X 200 Special)
  • Serveta Lambretta Lince 125
  • Serveta Lambretta Scooterlinea 125
  • Serveta Lambretta Special 125
  • Serveta Lambretta Lince 150
  • Serveta Lambretta Scooterlinea 150
  • Serveta Lambretta Special 150
  • Serveta Lambretta Scooterlinea 175
  • Serveta Lambretta Jet 200
  • Serveta Lambretta Lince 200
  • Serveta Lambretta Scooterlinea 200
  • SIL Lambretta GP 125
  • SIL Lambretta GP 150
  • SIL Lambretta GP 200


Casa Lambretta Racing Team successful with BGM PRO parts

By: Scooter Center
2016-07-25 11:16:34

Casa Lambretta Racing Team successful with BGM PRO parts

Casa Lambretta-Racing-Team uses BGM PRO Tuning parts Lambretta Racing We supply a selection of our high-quality BGM PRO Lambretta products to the Casa Lambretta Racing Team of Vittorio Tessera... Continue reading

Read, edit and discuss reviews...Continue reading


22 Jan 2018

Super produit

20 May 2016

Tut was es soll.

17 Aug 2015

Funktioniert tadellos

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