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Book -Manuale D’Officina Completo Lambretta- by Sticky (Italian language)

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The Manuale Completo d’Officina Lambretta is the Italian language version of the best-selling...Continue reading


The Manuale Completo d’Officina Lambretta is the Italian language version of the best-selling Spanners Lambretta Mannual. Written by well-known scooter-author Martin Sticky Round, it was published for the first time in 2003 with the help of the leading experts in the Lambretta field, such as Vittorio Tessera, Dean Orton, Nigel Cox and Mark Broadhurst. Over the years, it has been constantly updated to the current 3rd Edition. Now for the first time ever, this amazing book is available in the Italian language.

The Manuale Lambretta has 325 pages and a huge full-colour photographic gallery of over 1200 pictures will assist you, page by page, step by step. The Manuale Lambretta is an incredible font of information for our beloved Lambrettas! If you want to repair, strip, rebuild, tune, identify parts or restore your Lambretta, this is the only book for you. Even a complete novice could strip and build his/her scooter using the Manuale Lambretta. Put simply, this is without doubt the most comprehensive book ever written for Lambretta scooters available on the market.

The Manuale Lambretta covers all Lambretta Series 1 LI, Series 2 LI & TV, Series 3 LI/TV/Special/GT and GP/DL models produced in Italy, Spain and India.
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