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Brake caliper, front -HENG TONG- Gilera Runner 50 (ZAPC14, ZAPC36), ICE, Stalker (ZAPC13, ZAPC40), Piaggio Storm (TEC1T, ZAPC29), NRG (SAL1T, ZAPC18), NRG Extreme (ZAPC21), NRG MC3 (ZAPC21, ZAPC32), NRG Power (ZAPC45), NTT (SAL1T), Typhoon (TEC1T, TE

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Brake calipers
number of pistons: 2
brake pads mounted: yes
fitting brake pads: BGM45313
mounting position: left hand side
mounting holes: thread M8 x 1.25
mounting hole pitch: 43 mm
main colour: gold
P For this item you get fidelity point/s
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Spare part in OEM quality.

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