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Brake disc -GALFER Wave extreme Ø190/58mm 3oZKS- APRILIA AREA 51 50cc 1998 (r), CPI Hussar 50cc 2001 (f), Popcorn 50cc 2001 (f), HONDA Bali SJ EX 100cc 1995 (f), Bali SJ 50cc 1995 (f), Cha Spacy 125cc 1998 (f), Nh Yupi 90cc 1991 (f), SGX 50cc, Sky 50

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quantity incl.: 1
Brake discs
outer diameter: 190 mm
inner diameter: 58 mm
diameter hole circle: 80 mm
thickness: 3.8 mm
number of screws: 3
diameter fixing holes: 10.5 mm
screw heads: socket head screw
similar to Braking: HO32FI
similar to Newfren: DF.4066 A
similar to TRW Lucas: MST252
similar to Galfer: DF037RW
similar to Ferodo: FMD0097
P For this item you get fidelity point/s
Brake disc -GALFER Extreme Wave. Galfer wave discs were first introduced to the Trial bike...Continue reading


Brake disc -GALFER Extreme Wave.

Galfer wave discs were first introduced to the Trial bike racing fraternity. Shortly afterwards they were also used in Snowmobile machines, soon to be followed by race bikers as well as Off Road applications.

The Galfer disc are high quality racing solutions. The main benefits are the technical aspects. All Galfer WAVE discs are laser cut and made of a unique high carbon 420 stainless steel that has been pre-heat treated.

The wave pattern gives a much improved self cleaning of the brake disc and pads. This ensures a much better contact between pads and disc.

The Wave pattern eliminates the warping of the disc under temperature. This assures a perfect flatness and the most efficient contact surface between pad and disc.

The state of the art technology can be found as well when it comes to the quality of the disc in terms of machining and used materials.

The WAVE EXTREME is not just top stuff in terms of the technical aspects it looks its part as well!
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