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Brake disc -GALFER Wave Ø220/104mm 3o- HONDA X8R-S 50cc 1998 (f)

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Brake discs
outer diameter: 220 mm
inner diameter: 104 mm
diameter hole circle: 125 mm
thickness: 4 mm
number of screws: 3
diameter fixing holes: 10.5 mm
screw heads: button head screw
similar to Braking: HO34FI
similar to EBC: MD920D
similar to Galfer: DF056W
similar to Ferodo: FMD0435
P For this item you get fidelity point/s
Brake disc -GALFER Extreme Wave. With the WAVE Extreme you find a radical new interpretation of...Continue reading


Brake disc -GALFER Extreme Wave.

With the WAVE Extreme you find a radical new interpretation of the brake disc. Besides the super aggressive look, the superior technical aspects are especially impressive. The wave-shaped outer rim offers a much better self-cleaning of pad and disc. Thus the brake abrasion is always optimally dissipated from the disc.

The wave form leads to substantially improved characteristics of the disc under the influence of heat. It expands completely without distortion and always offers the pads a flat contact surface and thus always top deceleration values.

This revolutionary design is copyrighted by Galfer.

The technological sophistication is also reflected in the extraordinarily perfect processing and the use of the best materials.

The WAVE is of course laser-cut and consists of a specially manufactured stainless steel with a high carbon content.

  • Strong initial braking effect with good modularity
  • The surfaces of the brake pads are rubbed off more evenly.
  • The upper edge of the disc can dissipate more heat.
  • The parts of the brake disc can expand around the middle circumference without the disc deforming conically.
  • The weight is less than a classic brake disc.
  • The continuous change of the contact surface between pads and disc prevents the pads from seizing.
  • Barely any fading!


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