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Brake shoes -BGM PRO Ø=150x24mm- VESPA V50 (r), SS50, SS90 (r), PV125 (r), ET3 (r) - 10 inch

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BGM PRO brake shoes with brake compound 'MADE IN GERMANY QUALITY BGM Pro brake shoes are...Continue reading


BGM PRO brake shoes with brake compound 'MADE IN GERMANY

BGM Pro brake shoes are manufactured exclusively for BGM by one of the most renowned Italian brake component manufacturer. The compound material is made in Germany by manufacturer Beral. The brake shoe is cast in the original moulds, so a perfect fit is always guaranteed.

The pad lining compound for the BGM PRO brake shoes has a high friction coefficient averaging over 0.54µ. This is maintained over a wide temperature range. The BGM PRO brake pad lining can withstand temperature peaks of up to 350°C and is therefore suitable for even the toughest applications.

The braking behaviour is powerful right from the start and very responsive. These good properties stay even under high loads. With a pad lining hardness of over 71 shore on average, the compound is also not too soft and provides clear response at the brake lever.

The BGM brake pad lining material is manufactured without the use of solvents. It contains no heavy metal compounds and of course no asbestos. The BGM PRO brake shoes are deliberately not painted for environmental reasons. Manufactured in accordance with ECE R-90.

The scope of delivery includes:

  • 1 pair of brake shoes

  • 2 pcs. Platelet (metal clamp)

  • 2 pcs. Brake shoe fixing clips

  • 1 pcs. heat-resistant fitting paste from Würth (for lubricating the brake lining pins and the brake cam/platelets)

RESUME IN A NUTSHELL: Quality and brake performance at a professional level


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