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Carburator -DELLORTO 19mm PHBG Racing DS- CS=23mm -

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size venturi: 19 mm
size main jet: 75
main jet type: Dellorto 5mm (1486)
size pilot jet: 45
idle jet type: Dellorto (1488)
size choke jet: 60
choke jet type: Dellorto (9501)
size needle: W9
needle type: Dellorto W (9595)
size atomiser: AN262
power jet:
size slide: 30
slide type: round shape slide
choke type: manual, cable
mounting type air filter: bolt on type, rigid
connection size air filter: 32 mm
mounting type intake manifold: rubber mounted
connection size intake manifold: 23 mm
idle gas screw: left hand side
fuel/air mixture screw position: left hand side
fuel hose position: right hand side
connection size fuel hose: 5.5 mm
height: 100.5 mm
width: 51.3 mm
depth: 87.4 mm
connection height (relative): 52.5 mm
fitting type: M6 x 0.75
material float chamber: metal
connector for oil hose:
vacuum connection:
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The Dellorto carburetors are a very well established name in the field of automotive sector. The...Continue reading


The Dellorto carburetors are a very well established name in the field of automotive sector.

The Dellorto carbs can be set up very easily and they are easy to install. The big advantage is that many manufacturers are fitting Dellorto carbs for the serial production. If you stay with the same type of carb and are just fitting one with a larger diameter, then the installation is very easy.

The setting up of Dellortos is very easy and the availability of spares is good because they are used in many applications.

Even though there are a hell lot of Needles and Slides available additionally to the usual jets, the setting up of the Dellortos is a rewarding task.

Dellorto carbs are fairly common, the conversion is easy and the setup isn t a hard task.
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