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Carburator -JETEX 22mm SH 2- Lambretta DL 150-200

This item is currently not available.
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The item is ordered and will be in stock soon
size venturi: 22 mm
size main jet: 118
main jet type: Dellorto 5mm (1486)
size pilot jet: 45
idle jet type: Dellorto SH (3360)
size choke jet: 50
choke jet type: Dellorto (5907)
size atomiser: 5899.4
power jet:
size slide: 7895
slide type: flat slide
choke type: manual, cable
mounting type air filter: rigid
connection size air filter: 45 mm
mounting type intake manifold: clamp-connection
connection size intake manifold: 30 mm
idle gas screw: right hand side
fuel/air mixture screw position: left hand side
fuel hose position: right hand side
connection size fuel hose: 7.5 mm
height: 135 mm
width: 95 mm
depth: 76 mm
connection height (relative): 49 mm
fitting type: M6 x 0.75
material float chamber: metal
connector for oil hose:
vacuum connection:
Please inform me once the product is available again.
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23 Jan 2018

ottimo prodotto pari all'originale

20 Aug 2017

Prodotto di buona qualita

6 Dec 2015

sehr gut

10 Mar 2015

Discreto.In rapporto al prezzo la qualita' non e' male

5 Nov 2014

guter ersatz

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