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Carburator -MIKUNI 30mm TMX30- manual choke, Powerjet - CS=36mm

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size venturi: 30 mm
size main jet: 195
main jet type: Mikuni (4/042)
size pilot jet: 40
idle jet type: Mikuni (VM22/210)
size needle: 5EL68
needle type: Mikuni
size atomiser: N-9 (Serie 622)
power jet:
size power jet: 80
power jet type: Mikuni (N100606)
size slide: 4
slide type: D-shaped slide
choke type: manual button
mounting type air filter: rigid
connection size air filter: 50 mm
mounting type intake manifold: rubber mounted
connection size intake manifold: 36 mm
idle gas screw: left hand side
fuel/air mixture screw position: left hand side
fuel hose position: left hand side
depth: 88 mm
connection height (relative): 77 mm
material float chamber: metal
connector for oil hose:
vacuum connection:
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Carburetor -MIKUNI 30mm TMX- manual choke, Powerjet. Delivery status: Idle jet 40, main jet 195,...Continue reading


Carburetor -MIKUNI 30mm TMX- manual choke, Powerjet.

Delivery status: Idle jet 40, main jet 195, power jet 80, needle 5EL68, Slide 4.

Connecting stub diameter 34 mm. Bellmouth diameter 50 mm.

The carbs of the Japanse MIKUNI company are part of the reference class if it comes to the perfect working carburettor.

The high quality tuning carbs give a nice increase in maximum power output as well as spread of power.

The MIKUNI carbs and parts are made of the very tight tolerances of 0.005 mm, one of the reasons why they are so perfect working. For setting up you should take some time, because the MIKUNI carbs are very sensitive for altering the setup. They just work when everything is spot on jetting wise.

As soon as this is the case they run perfect and you don t risk that you ride a carb that is setup perfect only on the main jet and blows your engine as soon as you are running on the idle jet after a good thrashing over the main jet.


14 Apr 2016

top Vergaser, einfach und schnell einzustellen

29 Feb 2016

Sehr gutes Produkt!! Leider keine Beschreibung dabei!

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