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Carburettor -BGM PRO Faster Flow Dellorto / SPACO SI24/24E- Vespa PX200 (type without autolube)

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size venturi: 24 mm
size main jet: 118
main jet type: Dellorto SI (4576)
size pilot jet: 55/160
idle jet type: Dellorto SI (9892)
size air jet: 160
air jet type: Dellorto SI (5827)
size choke jet: 60
choke jet type: Dellorto SI (5582)
size atomiser: BE3
power jet:
size slide: 8492.04
slide type: flat slide
choke type: manual, cable
mounting type air filter: with screws
connection size air filter: 33 mm
mounting type intake manifold: flange connection
connection size intake manifold: 60 mm
idle gas screw: on top
fuel/air mixture screw position: left hand side
fuel hose position: right hand side
connection size fuel hose: 8 mm
height: 125 mm
width: 71 mm
depth: 80 mm
material float chamber: metal
connector for oil hose:
vacuum connection:
Please inform me once the product is available again.
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The BGM FASTER FLOW SI carburettor is based on a brand new SI24/24 E Dell'Orto/Spaco...Continue reading


The BGM FASTER FLOW SI carburettor is based on a brand new SI24/24 E Dell'Orto/Spaco carburettor.
This carburettor will be reworked by us so that it also meets the high demands of a strongly modified engine.

In order to meet the increased fuel requirements of a tuned engine, the carburetor was optimized and a modification was made to the through bore between the glimmer chamber and the nozzle block as well as in the float chamber inlet. Normally only 1.5mm in diameter, the FASTER FLOW carburettor already has a 2.5mm bore. This allows it to supply even very large main nozzles with a constant supply of fuel.

Additionally we use a spring-loaded float needle. This prevents a too high pressure at the sensitive rubberized needle tip and can compensate vibrations very well.

These modifications lead to a significantly improved supply of fuel, which means that there is no shortage of petrol even with very strong exhaust systems. Especially when using an air funnel such as Polini, this measure is extremely important to keep the mixture composition stable over the entire speed range.


  • no more empty-sucked nozzle block when using a strong exhaust

  • still well tunable even at power levels above 20PS

  • unobtrusive and powerful

  • quiet and suitable for everyday use (separate lubrication!)

Conclusion: Very inconspicuous tuning carburettor which already has all sensible modifications on board and also supplies engines with far more than 20PS safely and permanently with petrol!

The scope of supply contains:
BGM Faster Flow carburettor

NOTE: All new SI carburettors are manufactured under license by Spaco in India. These carburettors were and are used already for a long time in the series production of Piaggio. They are qualitatively on the same level as the original Dell'Orto carburetors. They also pass the quality assurance at Dell'Orto and are therefore partly packed in Dell'Orto cartons.


Fits the following vehicles


14 May 2019

Funktioniert perfekt an meinem leicht modifizierten 125er Motor,gut einstellbar,alles absolut dicht.

16 Feb 2018

Da kann der Vergaser nichts dazu, dass ich nur vier Punkte vergebe. Bei mir funktioniert nie ein Vergaser, dieser dafür aber ausgesprochen gut.

23 Jan 2018

de momento va muy bien el carburador, espero hacerle muchos kilometros jejejeje

5 Jan 2016

part of a tuning project not yet fitted

16 Feb 2015

Wie beschrieben sehr gute Qualität!

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