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Clutch friction plate set -BGM PRO SPORT- type Honda CR80 suitable for standard clutch basket of Vespa Cosa2/FL (1992-), PX (1995-), Superstrong, Scooter & Service, MMW, Ultrastrong - 4 plates

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BGM PRO Superstrong clutch facings type CR Suitable for retrofitting to all clutches of type...Continue reading


BGM PRO Superstrong clutch facings type CR
Suitable for retrofitting to all clutches of type COSA2 (exception: BGM Superstrong CR) for Vespa Largeframe (PX/Cosa/T5, Rally etc.)

This CR pad set contains:

  • 3x clutch discs on both sides
  • 1x clutch disc on one side

This makes it suitable for all Vespa largeframe clutches of the type COSA2 (Exception: BGM Superstrong CR) BGM Superstrong CR)

The clutch facing type CR differs clearly from conventional Vespa clutch facings.

Originally used in Honda CR80/VFR400 clutches, they offer the following advantages over the standard Piaggio Cosa clutch facings:

  • larger effective radius

  • less weight

  • wider plates

  • carrier material: Aluminium >br />
  • >p>very resilient lining material

  • >p>1:1 exchange to the standard linings (without modifications)

The advantages are a lighter clutch which separates faster and is extremely resilient.
Despite the supposedly smaller pad surface, the clutch with the CR pad type can transmit more torque with the same spring force.
For this purpose only the effective radius is decisive, not the size of the friction surface as such (this is only relevant for wear).

Thanks to the enormously resistant pad material, the CR pads can also be used in very powerful engines in everyday life. A big advantage here are the higher clutch plates compared to original pads.

A CR pad set enables a clean and free separating clutch even at very low lever travel. Furthermore the pad material allows very easy and safe shifting at high speeds.

We also recommend a low-alloy gear oil of the classes API GL3/GL4 for high performance engines to avoid slipping of the clutch even under extreme loads. This also applies to our BGM Superstrong/Superstrong CR couplings. The old engine oil specification SAE30 corresponds to the current transmission oil specification SAE 85W/90.


Note: The entire lining package is approx. 1 mm lower with these linings. After installation of the clutch, please check whether the clutch touches the clutch cover. Rework this if necessary or use a turned-out cover. Alternatively, the spacer ring offered by us separately can be used (see accessory BGM8040CRSB).

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