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Clutch friction plate set -BGM PRO Steel- Superstrong Racing Red- Vespa Cosa2 - suitable for standard clutch basket of Vespa Cosa2/FL (1992-), PX (1995-), Superstrong, Scooter & Service, MMW, Ultrastrong - 4 plates

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The BGM PRO Superstrong clutch plates with "Racing Red" friction material belong to the most...Continue reading


The BGM PRO Superstrong clutch plates with "Racing Red" friction material belong to the most performant clutch plates available on the market. Manufactured exactly according to our specifications, we have managed to use a high-quality organic friction material which is pressure and temperature stable at the same time. All this combined with a very good grip to always have the full torque on the rear wheel. Even with high load springs the clutch needs only a short way to engage, because the material is not as soft and compressible as that of other manufacturers.

  • Semi-Organic friction material

  • compression resistant

  • heat resistant

  • very good grip

  • short engagement

  • Usable in series and racing engines
  • Low wear

TIP It's best to replace the steel discs at the same time. These are often distorted by heat and thus prevent the clutch from working properly.
To complete the clutch package 4 steel discs are required (see Accessories).

  • 1x steel disc with notch 1,5mm

  • 2x steel disc without notch 1,5mm

  • 1x steel disc (base disc) 2,0mm

The BGM PRO Superstrong Racing Red Clutch Plates are also available directly in a complete set with BGM PRO steel discs.


Fits the following vehicles

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