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Clutch friction plate set -BGM PRO TOURING Alu- type Honda CR80 suitable for standard clutch basket of Vespa Cosa2/FL (1992-), PX (1995-), Superstrong, Scooter & Service, MMW, Ultrastrong - 4 plates

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Clutch facings BGM PRO TOURING Alu type COSA2 Perfect symbiosis of racing technology and...Continue reading


Clutch facings BGM PRO TOURING Alu type COSA2

  • Perfect symbiosis of racing technology and reliability for touring drivers

  • Suitable for all conventional Cosa2 clutch baskets (lug width as original, 14mm)

  • Aluminium carrier material with reinforced contact surface on the tabs

  • Sinter lining material like Honda CR80 in wide version

BGM PRO Touring aluminium rubbers combine the advantages of the popular CR80 racing rubbers with the high demands of touring riders.

The brake pads use an aluminium carrier, whose lugs for the clutch basket have a large contact surface. This makes the pads very stable over the long term. The slow shearing off of the plates, which often occurs with conventional clutch facings with steel carrier, is completely eliminated due to the large contact surface. The clutch is also thermally more resilient due to the aluminium. This is a great advantage in extreme situations (e.g. starting with a lot of load on a steep mountain pass road), but also offers a reassuring reserve in everyday life. The width of the flaps is manufactured for an exact fit so that the pads lie in the basket with almost no play.

The BGM PRO TOURING aluminium pads use the same high quality sintered material as the CR80 racing pads. Due to the larger contact surface in the TOURING version, the clutch engagement is softer and not aggressive. The large contact surface also improves the durability.

The BGM PRO TOURING clutch facings are designed as 1:1 replacement for conventional Cosa2 clutch facings. They harmonize perfectly with the standard steel discs.
The thickness of the pad package is the same as the original, so there is no need to use shims or spacers. The clutch facings fit all standard clutches of the Vespa Cosa2 models, the PX125-200 models from 1998 onwards and all vehicles retrofitted with a Cosa2 clutch. The pads are also compatible with clutches/clutch baskets based on the Cosa2 technology, e.g. Clutch -SC-, MMW, Scooter&Service or Ultrastrong.

The clutch plates are not suitable for clutchs/baskets that have been manufactured to accept CR80 clutch plates, e.g. BGM PRO Superstrong 2.0 CR80, ONKEL MIKE 'DDOG' CNC or similar (plate width CR80 =16mm)

The set contains:
1x clutch cover plate (single-sided lining)
3x clutch friction plates (double-sided lining)
Sufficient for one Cosa2 clutch


CONCLUSION: The BGM PRO TOURING aluminium clutch facings are an ideal upgrade of a Cosa2 clutch.



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