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Clutch friction plate set incl. steel plates -FERODO 'Standard' Vespa Cosa2- suitable for standard clutch basket of Vespa Cosa2/FL (1992-), PX (1995-), Superstrong, Scooter & Service, MMW, Ultrastrong - 4 plates

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Ferodo® Premium clutch facings are available in Standard and Race versions. Ferodo® is a...Continue reading


Ferodo® Premium clutch facings are available in Standard and Race versions.
Ferodo® is a traditional Italian company that has been on the market for over 100 years and is an OEM supplier and supplier of countless vehicle brands.

The Standard clutch facings are based on an organic facing material. They offer good feedback, smooth clutch engagement and long life. They are therefore suitable for almost every application, even in very powerful engines.

The race rubbers use a fibre reinforced paper rubber (otherwise also marketed as carbon). Its advantages are a high heat resistance and at the same time high load capacity. Paper pads are almost incompressible, therefore they separate faster and are a bit more 'toxic' when engaging the clutch. For these reasons this type of pad is often used in racing cars. A disadvantage is the required higher contact pressure (due to stronger clutch springs) so that the pad does not slip.

Available as pure covering set or also directly with steel discs.



Fits the following vehicles

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