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Crankshaft -BGM PRO, direct intake, stroke = 57mm, conrod = 110mm- Vespa Wideframe VM1T,VM2T, VN1T, VN2T, Vespa 150 VL1T, VL2T, VL3T, VB1T, ACMA 125 (19541955), ACMA 150GL (1956-1958), Motovespa 125N (1956-1958) - gudgeon pin Ø15mm (needle roller bea

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BGM PRO crankshaft for Vespa Wideframe models made from high-alloy forging blanks. Ideally...Continue reading


BGM PRO crankshaft for Vespa Wideframe models made from high-alloy forging blanks. Ideally suited in combination with the BGM PRO 150cc Wideframe tuning cylinder.

The crankshaft is designed as a heavy-duty tuning crankshaft, but is of course also a clear recommendation as a virtually indestructible shaft for original engines.

  • stroke: 57mm

  • connecting rod length: 110mm

  • piston pin: Ø15mm

  • connecting rod bearing: Needle bearing (top and bottom)

A big advantage of the BGM PRO crankshaft compared to an original one is the use of a high quality connecting rod with needle bearing (instead of a plain bearing bush) as well as a slotted lower connecting rod eye. The oil consumption is reduced so that the engines with today's high-quality oils can be run with 1:50 mixture without problems.

The balancing factor was improved by a hollow drilled pin.

The crankshaft is suitable for all 125ccm and 150ccm engines. The 125cc engines have a stroke of 54mm ex works, therefore a cylinder with a 57mm stroke is required (BGM1550, Pinasco Nordkap).

The BGM PRO Wideframe crankshaft fits the following vehicles:

  • Vespa: VM, VN

  • ACMA: 125 (70191 - 295883), GL150

  • Motovespa 125N, 125S, V56, V58, V72

  • Douglas GL2, 42L2, 92L2



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