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Crankshaft -BGM PRO, direct intake, stroke = 57mm, conrod = 110mm- Vespa Wideframe VM1T,VM2T, VN1T, VN2T, Vespa 150 VL1T, VL2T, VL3T, VB1T, ACMA 125 (19541955), ACMA 150GL (1956-1958), Motovespa 125N (1956-1958) - gudgeon pin Ø15mm (needle roller bea

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BGM PRO crankshaft for Vespa Wideframe models made of high alloy forged blanks. Ideally suited...Continue reading


BGM PRO crankshaft for Vespa Wideframe models made of high alloy forged blanks. Ideally suited in combination with the BGM PRO 150cc Wideframe tuning cylinder.

The crankshaft is designed as a heavy duty tuning crankshaft, but is of course also as a virtually indestructible shaft for original engines a clear recommendation.

  • Hub: 57mm

  • Pipe length: 110mm

  • Piston pin: Ø15mm

  • Pipe bearing: Needle roller bearings (top and bottom)

A big advantage of the BGM PRO crankshaft compared to an original one is the use of a high-quality connecting rod with needle roller bearing (instead of a plain bearing bush) as well as a slotted lower connecting rod eye. The oil requirement is thus significantly reduced so that the engines with today's high-quality oils can also be driven with 1:50 mixture without problems.

The balancing factor has been improved, among other things, by a hollow drilled crankpin.

The crankshaft is suitable for all 125ccm and 150ccm engines. The 125ccm engines only have a stroke of 54mm ex works, therefore a cylinder designed for 57mm stroke is required (BGM1550, Pinasco Nordkap).

The BGM PRO Wideframe crankshaft fits the following vehicles:

  • Vespa: VM, VN

  • ACMA: 125 (70191 - 295883), GL150

  • Motovespa 125N, 125S, V56, V58, V72

  • Douglas GL2, 42L2, 92L2

(70191 - 295883)

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