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Crankshaft -BGM Pro HP Competition 60mm stroke, 107mm conrod- Lambretta DL/GP 125cc, 175cc, 200cc, 225cc, 250cc

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sizes: 16x20x20mm
Gudgeon pins
diameter: 16 mm
stroke: 60 mm
thread rotor side: M12x1,0 left-hand thread
thread drive side: M8x1,0 right-hand thread
diameter crankwebs: 95.9 mm
width crankwebs: 40.5 mm
diameter bearing seat rotor side: 25 mm
diameter bearing seat drive side: 25 mm
diameter oil seal seat rotor side: 33 mm
diameter oil seal seat drive side: 33 mm
full circle crankshaft:
filling material for full circle: steel
material balancing weights: copper, tungsten
rotary valve crankshaft:
crankcase has to be milled:
engine casing has to be modified:
Connecting rods
length connecting rod: 107 mm
thickness connecting rod: 7 mm
diameter small end connecting rod eye: 20 mm
lubricating hole at small end bearing: yes
diameter crankpin: 22 mm
lubricating hole at crankpin bearing: slot
crankpin bearing: silver cage bearing
crankpin shims: yes
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When good things get even better, the bgm PRO Lambretta waves are now the bgm PRO Competition...Continue reading


When good things get even better, the bgm PRO Lambretta waves are now the bgm PRO Competition waves. The features that have proven themselves have remained, important technical details have been further improved.

    B>Enhanced features are:
  • Ground pressing surfaces for maximum stability of the joint and thus the highest possible torsional resistance
  • Ground and coated crank pin
  • Forged connecting rod with CNC finishing
  • Hardened and ground bearing and oil seal seats
  • Wider choice of stroke and connecting rod combinations than before
  • Quality assurance of each individual crankshaft through 100% testing by ISO and QC certified manufacturer

  • Full cheek shaft for increased pre-compression
  • Forged crank webs
  • Low-vibration engine running thanks to sophisticated balancing with hidden pockets, copper and tungsten counterweights
  • Lubrication of the lower connecting rod bearing via two large lubrication slots
  • Diameter of the crank pin 22 mm

The bgm PRO Competition shafts incorporate a total of 15 years of experience. Three more years of development work and tests have been carried out in the optimisation phase to create a shaft that offers maximum torsional resistance and stability.

In the English BSSO racing series, Team Replay has started the 2018 season with several bgm parts. Among others with the new and revised bgm crankshaft. Replay's rider Darren Conneely finished second in group 4.

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