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Crankshaft -POLINI Racing (rotary valve) 57mm stroke- Vespa PX200, Cosa 200

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In stock: can be delivered or picked up in the store
sizes: 16x20x20mm
Gudgeon pins
diameter: 16 mm
stroke: 57 mm
thread rotor side: M12x1,25 right-hand thread
thread drive side: M12x1,5 right-hand thread
diameter crankwebs: 98 mm
diameter bearing seat rotor side: 25 mm
diameter bearing seat drive side: 25 mm
diameter oil seal seat rotor side: 24 mm
diameter oil seal seat drive side: 31 mm
full circle crankshaft:
rotary valve crankshaft:
crankcase has to be milled:
engine casing has to be modified:
Connecting rods
length connecting rod: 110 mm
diameter small end connecting rod eye: 20 mm
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The Polini crankshafts are very cleanly finished and convince with their well thought-out...Continue reading


The Polini crankshafts are very cleanly finished and convince with their well thought-out details:

  • flow-optimized control cheek
  • well balanced
  • stable connecting rod
  • extended intake control angle (110° f.o.t. to 75° n.Ot.)
  • for PX200 available with 57mm (std) and 60mm stroke
  • trunnion 57mm: 22mm
  • trunnion 60mm: 20mm

The width of the sealing surface on the rotary valve cheek is 17mm wide as on the original shaft.

The extended intake control angle results in a larger time cross section and thus enables a significant increase in power over the entire speed band.
The intake slot in the engine housing should be machined only on the side facing the rear wheel if necessary. Otherwise the intake port will be too late and the engine will spit back out of the intake.

Very nice stable shaft which provides more bandwidth in every engine.



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