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Crankshaft -SCEED 42- Honda (type Vision)

Crankshaft -SCEED 42- Honda (type Vision)
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In stock: can be delivered or picked up in the store
sizes: 10x14x13mm
Gudgeon pins
diameter: 10 mm
stroke: 37.5 mm
thread rotor side: M10x1,25 right-hand thread
thread drive side: M10x1,25 right-hand thread
diameter crankwebs: 66.15 mm
width crankwebs: 33.6 mm
full circle crankshaft:
rotary valve crankshaft:
crankcase has to be milled:
engine casing has to be modified:
diameter variator pivot: 12 mm
variator pivot type: smooth
can be used with genuine variator: yes
Connecting rods
length connecting rod: 75 mm
thickness connecting rod: 4.7 mm
diameter small end connecting rod eye: 14 mm
lubricating hole at small end bearing: no
diameter crankpin: 16 mm
lubricating hole at crankpin bearing: slot
crankpin shims: yes
P For this item you get fidelity point/s
High quality forged crankshaft that is up to par to most of the originally fitted standard...Continue reading


High quality forged crankshaft that is up to par to most of the originally fitted standard cranks.

The whole job is forged, the con rod as well as the crank webs. That makes these crank very strong.

The big end bearing is a high quality one. The washer discs and the lubrication slots are very well dimensioned. The running is very smooth!

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