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Crankshaft -TAMENI RACING 58mm stroke, 107mm conrod- Lambretta DL/GP

€149.00 *

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In stock: can be delivered or picked up in the store
sizes: 16x20x20mm
Gudgeon pins
diameter: 16 mm
stroke: 58 mm
thread rotor side: M12x1,0 left-hand thread
thread drive side: M8x1,0 right-hand thread
diameter crankwebs: 95.9 mm
width crankwebs: 40.5 mm
diameter bearing seat rotor side: 25 mm
diameter bearing seat drive side: 25 mm
diameter oil seal seat rotor side: 33 mm
diameter oil seal seat drive side: 33 mm
full circle crankshaft:
rotary valve crankshaft:
crankcase has to be milled:
engine casing has to be modified:
diameter variator pivot: 17.9 mm
variator pivot type: toothed
Connecting rods
length connecting rod: 107 mm
thickness connecting rod: 5.5 mm
diameter small end connecting rod eye: 20 mm
lubricating hole at small end bearing: yes
diameter crankpin: 22 mm
lubricating hole at crankpin bearing: slot
crankpin shims: yes
P For this item you get fidelity point/s
This is the entrance to the world of racing crankshafts. The crank is based on an Italian GP...Continue reading


This is the entrance to the world of racing crankshafts. The crank is based on an Italian GP crank. The crank webs are pretty good and so is the con rod. These are a superb basis to convert to a tidy crank.

They are equipped with high quality big end bearings by European origin. Equipped in this way the crank is trouble free and even the power of a TS1 kit isn t a big issue in most cases.


27 Apr 2016


20 Mar 2016

very good product have used these on engines up to 20HP with no problem .

27 Dec 2015

alles gut

27 Dec 2014

ein Kracher, sauber verarbeitet,bin sehr zufrieden

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