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Curved washer (Schnorr) -DIN 6796 steel, plated- M10

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The original SCHNORR® lock washers have been developed as a reliable and economic screw locking...Continue reading


The original SCHNORR® lock washers have been developed as a reliable and economic screw locking device, which fulfils the basic principle of the disc spring for a frictional connection and additionally complements it by positive locking.

Original SCHNORR® lock washers are used wherever loosening of a screw connection due to vibration must be avoided.

The fields of application are manifold and range from automotive to mechanical engineering, aggregate and plant construction. For example, SCHNORR® lock washers are used in lawn mowers, textile machines, machine tools and many more.

Advantages of the SCHNORR® lock washer:

  • High vibration resistance due to positive locking of the helical gearing and simultaneous frictional locking due to the conical shape.
  • The force is applied concentrically, so that no bending moments occur.
  • Sliding surfaces on the toothing prevent chip formation during tightening.
  • Extremely high security against loss of pretensioning force and loosening.
  • Multi-purpose due to a wide variety of materials and surfaces.
  • No splitting effect when tightening the screw with correct transition radius between shaft and head.
  • Development and design of the lock washers is based on the screw geometries, tightening torques and the design conditions.



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