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Cylinder -AIRSAL 70cc T6 Racing- Kymco LC

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performance class: sport
Spark plugs
thread type: M14x1,25
thread spark plug: short
heat rating NGK: B8HSA
displacement: 70 cm³
bore: 47.6 mm
engine type: 2-stroke
type of cooling: liquid cooled
material: aluminium
material piston cylinder surface: Ceramic
cylinder head inclusive:
cylinder gasket set inclusive:
number of boost ports: 1
shape exhaust port: dual port
exhaust mounting: flange
stroke: 39.2 mm
Cylinder heads
cylinder head type: one piece
P For this item you get fidelity point/s
The Airsal T6 is a Nikasil coated aluminium cylinder. The kits show a good workmanship and an...Continue reading


The Airsal T6 is a Nikasil coated aluminium cylinder. The kits show a good workmanship and an expandable layout. The high quality Mahle piston is in no way inferior to this. The generally very good workmanship is even rounded off by the two thin piston rings.

From the box the T6 still has quite humane control times. These allow a nice torque curve without too high speeds.

The layout of the cylinder is in any case super expandable. The high quality piston design also allows extensive milling work and wild channel cross sections without any loss of durability.

The split exhaust with center web is otherwise only known from much more expensive cylinders like the Malossi MHR. The 12 hp that can be achieved on water-cooled engines with a racing pot and larger carburettor is by far not the end of the story.

Thanks to gimmicks such as the countersunk head for perfect centering and the high-quality piston, one can - with a little rework - speak of a wolf in sheep's clothing.


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