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Cylinder -CRISTOFOLINI 80 cc TCR Racing- Piaggio LC

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In stock: can be delivered or picked up in the store
performance class: racing
Gudgeon pins
diameter: 12 mm
Spark plugs
thread type: M14x1,25
thread spark plug: long
heat rating NGK: B9ES
displacement: 78 cm³
bore: 47.6 mm
engine type: 2-stroke
type of cooling: liquid cooled
material: aluminium
material piston cylinder surface: Ceramic
cylinder head inclusive:
cylinder gasket set inclusive:
number of transfers (incl.boost ports): 6
number of boost ports: 2
shape exhaust port: dual port
exhaust mounting: flange
flange type: with cone
stroke: 44 mm
number of piston rings: 1
production method piston: cast
Piston rings
piston ring type: common ring
thickness rings: 1,0mm
circlip type: double G-type
wire size of circlip: 1,0mm
Cylinder heads
cylinder head type: multiple piece
P For this item you get fidelity point/s
Exclusive high-end tuning kit composed of a complete cylinder kit that can only be used in...Continue reading


Exclusive high-end tuning kit composed of a complete cylinder kit that can only be used in combination with a special racing crankshaft.

The cylinder features extreme valve timings and huge ports, indicated by the exhaust port. The crankcase needs to be enlarged in order to fit the cylinder.

The CNC machined cylinder head makes for a unique finish of the kit.

Manufactured in small series by Team Cristofolini, these kits are counted among the highest performing scooter parts available! Combined with the Cristofolini exhaust, 26 hp at the rear wheel are no exception.

Conclusion: Highly exclusive tuning kit that will blow your mind and make you burn rubber on the quarter mile!

This cylinder was developed with a 45 mm stroke crankshaft in mind that features a 90 mm con-rod. In order to fit this size of crankshaft into your crankcase, machining is necessary.

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