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Cylinder kit -PINASCO Zuera Ø57,5mm VTR SS 135cc- Vespa V50, PV125, ET3, PK50, PK80, PK125

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performance class: sport
Gudgeon pins
diameter: 15 mm
Spark plugs
thread type: M14x1,25
thread spark plug: long
heat rating NGK: B9ES
displacement: 132.42 cm³
bore: 57.5 mm
engine type: 2-stroke
type of cooling: air cooled
material: aluminium
material piston cylinder surface: Ceramic
cylinder head inclusive:
cylinder gasket set inclusive:
number of transfers (incl.boost ports): 5
number of boost ports: 1
shape exhaust port: single port (oval)
exhaust mounting: flange
flange type: 2 studs
exhaust bolt pitch: 62 mm
thread exhaust studs: M8
stroke: 51 mm
number of piston rings: 1
production method piston: cast
Piston rings
piston ring type: common ring
thickness rings: 1,0mm
circlip type: G-type
wire size of circlip: 1,25mm
Cylinder heads
cylinder head type: one piece
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The Pinasco 135cc ZUERA cylinder, named after a Spanish racetrack, comes out of the box with a...Continue reading


The Pinasco 135cc ZUERA cylinder, named after a Spanish racetrack, comes out of the box with a sporty 125/185 steering angle. This is already above the Polini Evolution 1, which was obviously the inspiration for the design. The VTR version offers a much larger outlet cross section (Ø35mm) and a 62mm hole pitch. This makes it suitable for large exhaust systems such as the Big Bertha from Scherer and Ludwig. An O-ring seal completes the changes at the exhaust port.

In contrast to other cylinders, the openings of the overflow channels in the cylinder base are already open. This requires adjusting the fan duct on the stator housing (explained in the instructions supplied with the cylinder). The cylinder base has a diameter of 61.3mm, so it is not necessary to enlarge the cylinder base bore in the engine housing.

The one-piece diffuser is manufactured with a width of around 66% towards durability. However, we would assume that the Zuera 135SS, due to the much more sporty exhaust geometry, is slightly above the Polini Evolution I in terms of performance.
Due to the angles of the overcurrent channels facing the exhaust, the Zuera 135SS certainly also supports exhaust systems that like to reach into higher speed regions.

Technical details

  • Bore 57.5mm
  • Hub 51mm
  • Capacity 135ccm
  • 5 Overcurrent channels
  • One-piece diffuser, trapezoidal, chord 38.5mm ≈ 66%
  • Diffuser stud M8(not included, we recommend Piaggio)
  • hole stitch outlet flange 62mm (as exhaust gasket we recommend BGM)
  • outlet cross section Ø~35mm
  • cylinder base gaskets three pieces in 0,1mm
  • Cylinder base Ø61,3mm (suitable for Piaggio)
  • Cast iron piston 169gr, one piston ring 1mm
  • Piston pin safety device type G, 1mm
  • Cylinder head 8-fold bolted (stud bolt + 4 pcs.) M8x25mm)
  • spark plug 14mm, long thread, recommendation B9ES, B10ES
  • spark plug position, central
  • ignition timing 17° (recommendation by Pinasco)
  • control angle 125°/185° at a pinch distance of 1.0mm and 51mm stroke

Pinasco's recommended pinch edge of 1 mm, recommended by Pinasco0 - 1.1mm can be adjusted using the 3 0.1mm cylinder base gaskets supplied. When it comes to cylinder-head gaskets, Pinasco is discreetly reticent, also with regard to the gasket and the connection to the exhaust. An exhaust gasket suitable for the Zuera SS135 is not included, nor are the required exhaust studs.

The PK125 exhaust gasket from Piaggio fits the flange. However, the outlet of the SS135 has a dimension of 35mm x 30mm. Therefore the PK125 exhaust gasket is not quite suitable due to the smaller inner diameter. Alternatively, you can also use the BGM exhaust gasket.

The bottom line is that Pinasco has created a sporty cylinder that offers good performance with little effort. Whether with SHB19, Polini CP carburettors and Piaggio or Polini banana or with a Keihin 28 and a Franz - the Pinasco SS135 can be elicited by the suitable environment of carburettor and exhaust, power ranges from moderate to sporty.

Scope of supply

  • Cylinder and cylinder head
  • Piston, incl. piston pin, piston ring and fuses
  • Fastening material cylinder head
  • Cylinder foot seal set
  • Cylinder cover plug

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