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Cylinder -PINASCO 160cc NORDKAPP, Wideframe, Rod models, Ø=60mm, stroke=57mm- Vespa 1953-1959, VM, VN, ACMA, VB1T, VGL1T, VL1T

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performance class: sport
Gudgeon pins
diameter: 15 mm
Spark plugs
thread type: M14x1,25
thread spark plug: short
heat rating NGK: B8HS
displacement: 161.16 cm³
bore: 60 mm
engine type: 2-stroke
type of cooling: air cooled
material: aluminium
material piston cylinder surface: Ceramic
cylinder head inclusive:
cylinder gasket set inclusive:
number of transfers (incl.boost ports): 5
number of boost ports: 3
shape exhaust port: single port (oval)
exhaust mounting: stub
diameter exhaust stub: 37 mm
stroke: 57 mm
number of piston rings: 2
production method piston: cast
Piston rings
piston ring type: common ring
thickness rings: 1,0mm
circlip type: G-type
wire size of circlip: 1,0mm
Cylinder heads
cylinder head type: one piece
P For this item you get fidelity point/s
Tuning cylinder for Vespa Wideframe: VM/VN/VL/VB/Acma/Motovespa/VGL1 The cylinder fits...Continue reading


Tuning cylinder for Vespa Wideframe: VM/VN/VL/VB/Acma/Motovespa/VGL1

The cylinder fits 125-150ccm engines built between 1953-1959 with two overflow ports in the engine housing. The Pinasco is based on the 57mm stroke of the 150cc models, 125cc engines with 54mm stroke require the shaft of the 150cc models. Because of the nearly doubled power we recommend to use a new crankshaft in all cases (Stoffis, Pinasco etc., see accessories). The original intake manifold can be reused and the Polini CP19 carburettor is recommended. For more power, the 3331742 intake manifold can be combined with a Polini CP23 carburettor.

  • capacity: 160cc
  • stroke: 57mm
  • piston: Ø=60mm
  • cylinder material: aluminium
  • channels: 5
  • cylinder head with 5 bolts
  • piston rings: 2x chrome-plated

b> NOTE: A crankshaft with 57mm stroke is required! (see accessories)

In the download area you can see a diagram of the cylinder with a prototype of the BGM BigBox Touring and a CP23 carburettor. The high early torque (14,6Nm at only 3600rpm) and the remarkable power of 10,4HP at 6100rpm can be seen clearly.

More info: BLOG Pinasco 160cc on the test bench

Please note: VM/VN1/ACMA/Motovespa motor housings often do not have a sufficiently deep spindle dimension in the motor housing. In this case, please rework the motor housing accordingly (approx. 0.5 to 1mm deeper spindles).

Note: The stud bolts required for fastening the intake manifold are not included in the set. Please order them separately (see accessories).


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